Fenghast marks the North Eastern corner of the Mercunavian EmpireFenport lies a day's walk to the North of Fenghast, but most consider it a satellite of the city proper.

The city's distance from the heart of the empire and closeness to the Gnoll Wastes have forced it to become something of a self contained nation.  Rather than a mayor or governor, Fenghast is ruled by a royal bloodline.  Currently, the only survivor of this bloodline is Lord Gavin Arwel. Gavin is much loved by the city's people, and particularly by the city's military, which he has lead on several campaigns to repulse encroaching Gnoll hordes.

Most residences are in the Western third of the city.  The Eastern edge of the city contains the Fen Military Academy, the Office of the Watch,  and the Fist, and apartments and facilities for those who supply and operate these institutions.  In between are a few wealthy neighborhoods, several markets (most notably the Libertine Bazaar and the Den), numerous places of entertainment, the guild offices, and the Theater of Law.  In the very center of the city is Fenkeep, where the ruling family lives and works.  A few of the most powerful nobles rent suites in the keep as well.

The body of the city is encirceld by a thick stone wall, which is riddled with corridors and offices for the Watch and the military.  To the North, South, and West of the city are dozens of outlying farms and manors, as well as some ruins of long forgotten purpose.  These places are mostly safe from gnolls, but they are not within the jurisdiction of the Watch, so hosts of mercenary guards are commonly installed by those who live outside the city's walls.

The weather in the region surrounding Fenghast is usually chilly, but humid.  Most days see fog or a constant drizzle.  Many roofless structures, such as the Theater of Law, are equipped with large, translucent tarps of thin oilskin, which are tied down at the edges and kept aloft by the warm air produced by specially enchanted braziers.  The flagstones that cover most of the city's streets are lacquered every few months to prevent degredation, and the spaces between the stones are of purposefully uneven depth, and are carefully engineered to drain all the water into the gutters efficently, before stagnation can occur.


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